Koriyakushi temple

Koriyakushi temple Koriyakushi temple Koriyakushi temple

Officially named Koriyakushi-fukumitsuji-temple, and reported that Kobo-Daishi built at the Heian era. Some statues like Honzon-yakushi-nyorai, Nikko, Gekko bosatsu, a total of 12 bodies of statues, are designated as an important cultural property. The huge Japanese cypress proud of its age of 1000 years is planted near the gate in the property, and this tree is designated as a protected species. Koriyakushi spring festival is held in spring.


地址 :
Kohori Yamagata-gun Kitahiroshima Town , Zip code 731-1532
電話號碼 :
營業時間 :
9:00 a.m.-16:30 p.m.Entrance is limited for 30 minutes before the closed time
網址 :
交通資訊 :
[By car] Approx. 2 min. from Chiyoda IC of Chugoku Expressway [By public transportation] Approx. 1hr. by Highway bus from JR Hiroshima Station and get off at Chiyoda IC bus stop then approx. 20 min. on foot
停車場 :
Available ( 10 cars )
費用 :
Adults: 300 yen. High School Students: 100 yen. Under Junior High School Students: Free.

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